Frequently Asked Questions

About the Cabin

Q: Where is the cabin located and how do I get there?

A: See the location page for directions and a map.

Q: How do I make a reservation?

A: A deposit is required to hold your reservation. Check the rates and reservations page for details.

Q: Where do I get the key?

A: You can pickup the key on the island. We will give you instructions once your deposit is received.

Upstairs bedroom

Q: How many bedrooms and beds are there?

A: All the beds are upstairs in the cabin which is one big room with a small balcony. There is one queen size bed and two double beds up there. There is a curtain that offers some privacy. Note the upstairs and downstairs are separated by an open stairway; they are visually separated but there is no door so there won't be complete noise separation.

Q: Can I bring my dog?

A: If you want to bring a pet you must discuss this with us beforehand and have us approve this. Generally the answer is yes as long as you agree to make sure to carefully clean-up afterwards and to keep it under control with regards to the wildlife. A large dog can kill a deer if you are not careful. An additional cleaning fee will apply as the cleaner needs to spend more time when there has been a pet on-site.

Q: Is the kitchen fully equipped?

A: The kitchen has a cook top, a countertop oven (big enough for a small turkey!), a microwave oven and is fully equipped with pots/pans/utensils and even a waffle maker and small sandwich grill. There are plenty of plates, cups and utensils and the dining room table has seating for four.

Q: Is there maid service?

A: We have now added a cleaning charge and have someone who will come in as some guests were not leaving the cabin ready for the next guest.

You are still expected to leave the cabin neat and tidy before checking out--that includes doing the dishes, removing any food you brought, laundering any linens from the cabin which you used and taking all your garbage to the dump or with you. Please check the list in the cabin for things you should do before you leave.

Please do not leave any food in the cabin and do not leave food out during your stay so as not to attract rodents into the cabin.

Please let us know if the cabin is not clean when you arrive.

Q: Is there a flush toilet?

For repeat visitors, the sawdust toilet is no more. As of 2020 there is a regular flush toilet. As we are on a well and septic system we would ask visitors, especially in the summer to minimize water usage as much as possible. If boys want to pee in the woods you'll commune with nature that way!

Q: Is there phone? Cable TV? VCR? DVD? Internet?

A:  New as of September 2014 we now have WiFi internet access available. The system operates via a small satellite dish and speeds are variable. The system limits us in the amount of data downloaded so it is not suitable for heavy users or generally for streaming media but watching a movie or two on Netflix if you adjust your settings for low bandwidth should be ok. There is also WiFi internet available at many cafes and spots on the island.

There is a phone. Please use a calling card for long distance or make note of your calls made. Most cell phones receive service as well although for some it is fairly weak and you may need to make or receive calls from the decks in front rather than inside the cabin.

There is no cable TV and no reception on the antenna either. There is however a small TV with both a DVD and a VCR. There are a lot of movies in the cabin as well as video/DVD rentals available at the Manson's store.

There is a small stereo which plays CD, a few radio stations and has an iPod dock compatible with the older connector (i.e. iPhone 4 or earlier).

Q: Is there a boat? A dock? A beach?

A: There's no dock at the moment. If you were arriving by boat, you'd need to dock at one of the government wharves on the island. Or some people have anchored in the harbour and come to shore in a dinghy. The nearest government wharf is one about a 5 minute drive away at the Gorge Harbour Marina. The beach to the right is an oyster lease and should not be used.

Kayaks can be rented at the Gorge Harbour Marina.

Q: What do I do if there's a problem?

A: You will be provided with a contact number on the island for our neighbours Ben and Ann if there is something we can't resolve with you over the phone from Vancouver. In an emergency dial 911. The address of the cabin for emergency responders will be posted by the phone. 

Q: What do I do with the garbage and recycling?

A: You should be careful not to leave garbage inside the cabin lying around--especially edibles--so as not to attract rodents in from outside. Put it in the can on the porch. You can take the garbage can to the road (not just the bottom of the driveway) where it is picked up each Saturday morning. Or you can take your garbage and recycling to the Recycling Centre on the island which is open Thursday to Sunday from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. Please take any remaining garbage with you off island.

Q: What's with those barges out in Gorge Harbour?

A: It is an oyster and mussel farming operation. Occasionally during the day there are some noises from there disturbing the peace a little but never particularly loud.

Q: What do I need to do before I leave?

A: There is a full list of items on the bulletin board in the cabin. Basically it boils down to making the cabin ready for the next guest including doing all your dishes, putting the patio furniture away and taking your garbage to the dump or with you. No food should be left at the cabin. You will also need to launder any of the linens you used at a laundromat (it is easier to bring your own from home for this reason). Any garbage that wasn't left out for pickup on Saturday morning should be taken with you. The cleaner will vacuum and dust and do general cleaning.

Q: Is there a guestbook?

A: There is a guestbook in the cabin where many guests have left their thoughts and impressions of their stays on Cortes Island. You can also leave a comment on the online guestbook here on the website so others can read your comments before they come.

Island Questions

Q: Where can I get groceries? Go out for a meal? An espresso?

A: See the Island Activities and Attractions page

Q: What's there to do on Cortes Island?

A: See the Island Activities and Attractions page

Q: Is there a bank on the island? An ATM?

A: There was a credit union and ATM on the island but it recently closed. There are ATMs outside of the co-op and inside the Cortes Market.

Q: Can I stay at the cabin and take a workshop at Hollyhock? How do I get to Hollyhock?

A: Yes, you can. Check with Hollyhock regarding the rate if you don't take their accommodations and/or meals. It takes about 15 minutes to drive there, just follow the signs towards Manson's Landing and then Smelt Bay. There is a map on the location page.